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List Your Rental Property Auction

This is a web site dedicated to getting the best possible rental for your property.

We offer your rental property to be advertised on for the entire country to bid on. The service will be offered to you until your closing time of the bid. The recommended closing time should be 5 to 10 days before the end of the month, thus giving your successful bidder time to transfer monies and relocate. If your reserve is not met your ad will continue to be on the website free of charge until it has a successful bidder that has met your reserve.

Landlord Benefits:

  • Detailed listing including video and up to 10 photographs.
  • Potential tenants can view current bids, make new new bids or contact you directly.
  • Email notification of new bids. Bidders also receive notification if they have been out bidden.
  • Secure access to the My Bid2Rent management system where you can manage your rental auctions and monitor incoming bids.

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